Good news! Grades 1–3 piano sight reading are now available on SightReadingMastery!

How to Get Your Free Piano Sight Reading

  1. Go to
  2. Choose from the available grade levels
  3. Try the free exercise that appears

Special thanks to all the patient people on the SightReadingMastery mailing list, readers of this blog and my fans/followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I hope to have sight reading in more grade levels and instruments to share with you soon.

Please leave a comment below or email me at if you have questions, comments (or complaints!). I love getting to know other musicians and music teachers, and I respond to every non-spam email I get.

Evan R. Murphy

Evan is a musician, music teacher, software engineer and the founder of SightReadingMastery. Realizing how important sight reading is to unlocking opportunities in music, he started SightReadingMastery in 2011 to help musicians develop this valuable skill. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Rebecca.

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Free Sight Reading Sample

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