SightReadingMastery now has its own short domain,! Short and sweet. Memorable. Much easier to type, especially on a mobile device.

The website will continue to be at, which is still the primary domain. is just another way to reach the website, and I’ll be using it to share links on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, where it’s important to keep links short. It could also be important later on in a feature I’ve been considering to let you share sight reading exercises you’ve been playing with your friends.

(An example of why it’s important to keep links short on social media: If you use Twitter, you may know that the character limit for a tweet is 140 characters. A typical long URL such as could be 68 characters, meaning that sharing this URL would take up almost half of your tweet! Shortening the URL to gets it down to 30 characters, which still leaves you with 110 characters to type your message.)

If you’re a professional musician or music teacher trying to develop your web presence, you should consider getting your own short domain. Increasingly people are using their phones to access the internet, and social media is booming. Having an easy-to-type, easy-to-share way for your fans to reach you can help you stand out from the crowd.

A big “thank you” to Bitly for making the Custom Short Domain feature available and for making it free. Without this, SightRead.It would have been much more difficult or more expensive to set up.

If you’re interested in getting your own custom short domain for your lesson studio, band or professional web presence, you can read about how to set it up on Bitly here. It is a bit technical, requiring some knowledge of domain name servers. So if you get stuck or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

Evan R. Murphy

Evan is a musician, music teacher, software engineer and the founder of SightReadingMastery. Realizing how important sight reading is to unlocking opportunities in music, he started SightReadingMastery in 2011 to help musicians develop this valuable skill. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Rebecca.

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