Unlimited sight reading on SightReadingMastery. Image courtesy of jacksonmstattoo.com.

Image courtesy of jacksonmstattoo.com

I’m excited to announce several major improvements to SightReadingMastery that we’ve made over the last few months.

Unlimited Sight Reading

We’ve always prided ourselves on using professionally-composed music here at SightReadingMastery. I have a background in composition, so when we were just starting out, it was me writing all the pieces. Later we grew a team of talented composers who could create music much faster and at an even higher quality. Still, a big challenge that remained taking this handcrafted approach was how to keep up with the constant demand from our sight readers for new music.

One way we dealt with this challenge in the past was to put a cap on the amount of music you could sight read each month. But as we’ve hired more composers and our library of music has grown increasingly vast, we no longer need to impose this limitation. This is great for customers. Now, if you’re on the Musician or Pro plans (see plans), you can sight read to your heart’s content without concern for limits. Unlimited sight reading means unlimited potential for your musical growth.

Live Help from Music Teachers

We launched an amazing new service: private lessons (previously called “Personal Workshops”) you can schedule with our music teachers to get personalized attention on your sight reading.

Mastering sight reading is no walk in the park. Maybe you’ve already encountered obstacles or had times when you felt discouraged, frustrated or unmotivated. When you get stuck, not only does forward progress stop, but you’re in danger of giving up. Private lessons are your lifeline when the going gets tough.

Even if things are going well with your sight reading, there may be little things you could be doing differently to progress much faster. Talking to a music teacher can help you identify these powerful leverage points in your practice and really take your sight reading to the next level.

Our private lessons are typically over video call and last about 30 minutes. They’re available to all customers on the Musician and Pro plans (see plans).

New Grade Levels Available

We released several new grade levels. These are available to all customers:

We’ll continue to expand our supported instruments and grade levels. For up-to-date lists on what’s available, see our instruments and grade levels pages.

Renamed Pricing Plans

Along with all of these upgrades to our service, we renamed our pricing plans from Do, Re and Mi to Student, Musician and Pro. They’re at the same low prices but offer way more than ever before to help you master sight reading.

If you haven’t tried SightReadingMastery before, it’s free to start and there’s never been a better time. Start your free trial today.

Evan R. Murphy

Evan is a musician, music teacher, software engineer and the founder of SightReadingMastery. Realizing how important sight reading is to unlocking opportunities in music, he started SightReadingMastery in 2011 to help musicians develop this valuable skill. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Rebecca.

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