SRM launch day cake from awesome friends!

Launch day cake from awesome friends – what a great day! (for everyone except that poor cellist… ūüėČ )

SightReadingMastery Has Launched!!!

Yes siree, it’s official! After an elaborate countdown featuring¬†Chopin,¬†Dave Brubeck¬†and¬†Annie¬†(among others), SightReadingMastery finally launched on September 18!

(Note: SightReadingMastery actually went live 3 days earlier to people on the mailing list, who were also offered a generous discount on the standard pricing. If you’re interested in getting exclusive offers related to SightReadingMastery and free sight reading tips via email,¬†take 10 seconds to become a subscriber.)


Whoa… Rainbow Text and 3 Exclamation Points?

Yep, it’s that kind of occasion! Also time for cake (see photo). Note that the sheet music slices have all been eaten by this point, so the poor cellist must play by ear. (Thanks to Maria Slater for sentencing him to this fate.)

So What’s All the Hoopla About?

SightReadingMastery is changing the way people teach and practice sight reading. It’s an online tool that delivers professionally-composed sight reading exercises to the musician at the click of a button. This eliminates the tedious, expensive and never-ending hunt for new sheet music that many musicians and music teachers have experienced.

Seriously, this is wonderful. I can’t tell you how glad I am that the world finally has a high-quality sight reading website!!Reena Esmail, ComposerYale School of Music

How Does it Work Exactly?

I team up with composers to get the exercises written. These exercises are pieces of music written for specific instruments according to our carefully designed grade level system. This is important because good sight reading practice requires playing through lots of new music at the difficulty level appropriate for the musician.

After signing up, you can log in any time to sight read new exercises. Each exercise comes with a correct performance in high-quality audio to help you review your playing. You can revisit old exercises any time using the sight reading log, which automatically keeps track of every piece you sight read.

This initial release includes sight reading for piano grades 1-3 (beginning to early-intermediate pianists). If you’re a pianist who sight reads at grade 4+, or if piano or voice¬†NEW!¬†is not your instrument, then I’m sorry but SRM isn’t ready for you yet. I’d encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list, as I’ll be making announcements there (as well as on this blog) as more instruments and grade levels are added. (Thank you for your patience!)

Could Still Use a Bit More Info…

No problem. Along with the launch, the website got a few new pages to help explain what this is all about:

  • Features¬†(includes screenshots and audio)¬†– All the features you get access to when you sign up for SightReadingMastery
  • Testimonials¬†– Success stories; what people are saying about SRM
  • Free trial sign up¬†– Explains the different plans available and guides you through signing up for your 7-day free trial
  • Sign in¬†(if you already have an account)

You might also be interested in reading this review of SightReadingMastery by musician/composer Sachem Orenda:

[The exercises] are challenging in a really fun way, and you even get to learn techniques of different genres.  I played some classical, ragtime, and bluesy material.  One other aspect of note is that these lessons are not watered down in any way.  They are dynamically diverse from the beginning and also provide some direction for proper fingerings.  This is an exceptional and professional course to becoming a great pianist. Sachem Orenda, Musican/Composer | Read the full review

OK, Sign Me Up!

Can do, it’s really easy (takes about 60 seconds):

  1. Go to
  2. Pick a plan (don’t stress about the decision ‚Äď you can always change this!)
  3. Fill out the form on the next page to start your 7-day free trial

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Questions, Comments or Feature Requests?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, use the contact form, or email me directly at

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Evan is a musician, music teacher, software engineer and the founder of SightReadingMastery. Realizing how important sight reading is to unlocking opportunities in music, he started SightReadingMastery in 2011 to help musicians develop this valuable skill. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Rebecca.

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